Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rule of Ten Challenge, Day 4

Today was a bit of an opposite day: Instead of focusing on what was going out, I had to focus on what was coming in! A new piano - well, new to me. It belonged to my Grandmother, given to her by my Grandfather in 1954. It's beautiful and it even smells like Mammy! (She resides in assisted living now, and doesn't play anymore, though she still loves old music.)

My mother also brought me a beautiful mountain dulcimer, larger than the one I already had. Both instruments were built by my Grandfather, and I'm really enjoying learning to play them.
So, following the 1-for-1 rule, at least TWO things needed to leave my home today!

My ten for Today:
- 3 children's books that were duplicates (kept the nicer copies)
- a huge pile of newspapers into the recycling bin
- a very old pair of running shoes, never worn
- a broken plastic pitcher
- 17 old children's toys, no longer played with. My kiddos helped me choose.
- my glass measuring cup - has NO lines on it anymore. I replaced it with one that DOES have lines. Very helpful to be able to see how much you're actually measuring. ;)

What are your Ten for Today?


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