Monday, September 21, 2009

Rule of Ten Challenge, Day 5

Today we are continuing with Rule of Ten Challenge! Can you find ten things in your home that you no longer need, use, want...or simply can't find a "home" for?

Here are my ten for Monday:
1 broken heating lamp (we have tree frogs!)
3 unused "Kandoo" wipes boxes
4 empty, somewhat scrunched Kleenex boxes (I admit that once I find a Kleenex box I like, I tend to keep it and refill from those ugly brown-marble designed ones. Three of mine were Christmas designs...I can always buy more at Christmas!)
2 lovely drinking glasses which are eternally, unchangeably stuck, one in the other. They've been sitting on my counter for weeks and weeks, mocking me. Do I really think that TODAY is the day they will come unstuck?


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