Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Rule of Ten

Is clutter weighing you down? Creating disorder in your home? Then what's keeping you from decluttering the way you should? For so many of us, it feels like a monumental task.
What if, for the next week, you threw away (or recycled) 10 items in your house. Just 10. By the end of one week, 70 things that were in your way - in the way of your work, your goals, your life - are GONE. Forever. As my friend K commented, "Just think! Ten things every day that you won't have to deal with and make decisions about again in the next two, five, 10 or 20 years!!! You're saving so much time in the long run!"

I challenge you to challenge yourself this week: Find 10 things each day that you no longer need and throw them away, give them away, recycle them. Those 10 items MUST leave your home today!
Here's Jessica Gottlieb's original bloglet, for more motivation.
And here are other homemakers who are taking the challenge!

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Moreover, I challenge each of YOU to blog about your progress. Leave a comment and I'll post your link. And I'll be posting later about my ten items.  Let's cheer each other on!

Now get to work!


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