Saturday, January 30, 2010

Befores and Afters

My first few days of preparing the house for showing have been productive!
Here are a few before and after photos of my work in the school room:

This was the shelf where the current week's school books were supposed to be placed. However, it had become a dumping ground for EVERYTHING. It needed to be sorted and cleared, and quickly!

Now the shelf is completely cleared, except for a sampling of this week's hands-on projects. (Here's what we're learning this week!)

I also needed to overhaul the main school shelves - these held most of the school books we own, which was wonderful...except that I had just received a large shipment for our new school year (we begin in January), and it was overflowing with literary delights. Great for our students, not so great for their Bootcamping mom or for showing a home for sale!

I moved many of the books which we will not use in this year of the Trivium into boxes so they can be stored away when we moved. What is left is a very streamlined bookshelf, and one that makes momma happy to look at. The students are finding it easier to find their school books as well!

I didn't take a before of this shelf  (opposite of the school shelf), but it is neatly organized with "fun" books, games, puzzles and coloring paraphernalia.

During my next blogging break from work, I'll show you my efforts in the kitchen!


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