Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bootcamper's Blogroll

Are you a Bootcamper with a blog pertaining to Homemaking/Christian Womanhood/ Wifehood/Motherhood - whether practical, theoretical, beautiful, jocular, frugal, philosophical, theological or nonsensical?
Or maybe you are Bootcamping quietly in your own home?
Grab a badge and link it to this page . Don't forget to post your blog address in the comment section of this post so I can add it to the Bootcamper's Blogroll here on the Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers Blog.

Thanks for spreading the word!!

We're so glad to have you Bootcamping with us!

Now get to work!



Amanda said...

Posted your button. I have a button on my blog too if you want to grab it. :D


Heidi Schaap said...

You're on the Blogroll! Thanks!

marineswife said...

I posted your button too! I also have a button. ;)

Amber said...

HI there. I just blogged about how I am using your system and my HMB here:


Just thought you'd like to see :) Great book btw!

Tamara said...

Just bought the book, posted your button, and will write my first blog entry about my housecleaning bootcamp journey tomorrow:) Have already read through a lot of it and love it...thanks!

Heidi Schaap said...

Amber, great post! Woohoo!

Tamara, can't wait to see what you blog.

You're both on the blogroll!!