Monday, February 28, 2011

Post-Partum Freezer Meals: Preview

I just returned from what felt like the longest Once-A-Month-Shopping trip ever -- I suppose that's partly due to my very pregnant state, and partly because it was actually Once-for-TWO-Months Shopping -- but I'm very excited about how much food came into the house and how many meals I'm going to have ready before this baby comes!
I'll be keeping a list of interesting "numbers" - meals, cans of veggies, pounds of meat, etc, and let you know how it goes!
Of course, I used Plan to Eat to make the trip go more smoothly - it was a lifesaver!

Well, computer-break over, time to go prepare some freezer meals!

Want to others' ideas for post-partum meal prep?
Read here , here, and here!
Then get to work!



Nicole B said...

Hi Heidi!
So glad I found your blog on the Mailbox Monday hop, I haven't run across it before. :) Very cute and I can relate on the pregnancy/shopping trips/freezer meals. I still have til end of May to go though. ugh.
Good luck prepping all those meals!

I'm now following and subscribing, would love a visit back when you can at my blog Mom Always Finds Out.

{TiffanyMae} said...

Oh, I am so very happy I found you through GFJC blog hop! I love your blog and am your newest follower!