Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Repurposed Onsies And T-Shirts

I have baby projects on the brain, and since I'm making great headway in the kitchen with my Post-Partum Freezer Meal Frolic, I decided to sit down and peruse a few of my old favorite -- and new favorite -- sites.

Photo courtesy of themotherhuddle.com

A friend linked me to this GREAT tutorial for repurposing onsies and T-Shirts into super-simple no-sew (or very little sew) bibs, over at The Mother Huddle.
Because what mom doesn't have old, stained onesies or need more bibs?!

Can't wait to have a tiny baby to try this on!
Okay, now back to work!



A Mom's Take said...

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Babes and Sages said...

22 day to go huh? Wish I was there already ;) Thanks for your kind thoughts and good luck with everything!

Lorna said...

Found your link on Mailbox Mondays ~ this post is BRILLIANT! really enjoying your site! looking forward to following you :)

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~ Lorna