Saturday, April 5, 2014

Worksheets, Re-Re-Loaded!

Well, it was brilliant in theory. I did a bunch of googling and found that an "easy" way to put .pdf's on a Blogger blog is to build a simple Wordpress blog, and link my .pdf's through it. Except, apparently, not being used to blogging in Wordpress, I had the settings marked to private. Can I blame our family's month-long sickness and the mama-sleep-deprivation that goes with it? My pregnancy brain? Anything? :)  The worksheets are available HERE.

It should be fixed now. I would LOVE comments from those who ARE ABLE to download the worksheets, as well as any who still cannot. I really do want to share these free goodies with my Bootcampers! I really hope it's working for everyone now. Talk to me!


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